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Waifu Academy – Adult Visual Novel Game

Are you one of those high school boys who feel lonely all the time? Do you feel shy to talk to girls in general? Well, then you are on the right side of the internet because Waifu Academy is the perfect game for you. Many boys love to play this game and masturbate at the same time. This RPG game is all about simulating your dating life in the virtual world.

 In Waifu Academy, you have access to over 30 sexy characters who are ready to do anything to please you. The game revolves around a boy who doesn’t have the best high school life. It takes place in a fictitious Japanese high school.


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The Plot

You will play the role of a young man who’s a student at the Sazaki Academy. He is out for revenge after he has undergone rigorous testing for many years. He is interested in becoming a big shot at his high school, beating down as many jerks as he can, and bang as many hotties as possible. You can expect how the story will pan out if you have previously played visual novel games.

The game features over 30 different characters, where every one of them possesses a unique personality. It also has a beautiful and reliable background that compliments the high school. The plot of the game doesn’t go deeper, and it usually sticks with the protagonist’s revenge plot and engages in multiple sexual intercourses with all the 30 gorgeous characters.

The Gameplay & Its Elements

The character doesn’t come with a given name, which allows you to choose a name for him. Sazaki Academy isn’t like your usual academy. It will enable you to begin training and recruiting wives for yourself. The game gives you an array of options to locate your ideal waifu. Every girl possesses a unique type of beauty and offers exciting dates. At the end of your romantic date with a girl, you can choose to make her orgasm too.

Daily life of a student

The girls are already hot as hell, but their skimpy outfits make everything so much sexier. Waifu Academy mainly focuses on the daily life of a student. But you also have to manipulate the characters in the game to achieve your desired goals. You have to do it to fulfill different tasks and get further in the game. However, you need to be cautious, too, since you are painted as a difficult individual that has a dark past.

Decision making

The game definitely gives you more freedom in making decisions that will determine the ending of the story. Be expectant to meet a ton of characters in the game, along with the possibility of the story going multiple ways. The game has a concentrated effort in making the players feel like they are actually back in high school. It is reflected in the choices that you are given and the freedom that you have over the characters.

Romantic scenes

Waifu Academy is like a colorful project that lays heavy emphasis on its environment. The design of the game is suitable for 18+ folks. Both the casual, romantic and sexual scenes in the game between the boy and the girls are fun and worth watching. You do have to make crucial decisions, where you get to determine the fate of the girls who are prone to imminent threats. You will have to go through the story in a single-mode, accompanied by multiple twists.

You should remember to keep clothing items that slowly reduce. Why? Well, because it will make the hotties look even hotter and more stunning. Every single one of the 30 girls is different in their execution, possessing varying characteristics and appearances.

You will face a certain number of difficulties when you come across situations to open up newer opportunities and where you get to face new dangerous enemies. Plus, the music in the game fits the aesthetic of it all and enables you to go deeper into the game.

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